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Where's the beef? Famous Dallas family bets on Texas-raised Wagyu

Rosewood cattle
Cattle at Rosewood Ranches await their fate. Photo courtesy of Rosewood

The family behind the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas is expanding its empire into beef: Rosewood Ranches, a subsidiary of the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate, has partnered with Jack Rose Cattle Company to release a new line called Rosewood Texas-raised Wagyu beef.

Rosewood beef is grass-fed, grain-finished, and hormone- and antibiotic-free. "It is our belief that well-cared for cattle produce the best meat," says Kenneth Braddock, Rosewood ranch manager, in a release.

The Caroline Rose Hunt family has transformed their farm into a group of ranches that stretch across Ellis, Henderson, Kaufman and Navarro counties. Last year, they formed a partnership with Jackman Wagyu Beef Company. Rosewood raises the cattle; Jackman processes the beef.

Principals Mark Hoegh and Justin Jackman have been integral in the development and popularity of Wagyu since its inception in the United States, both in managing the first Wagyu beef herd in America and in creating a market at Dallas restaurants such as Nick & Sam's, Fearing's, Neighborhood Services, and Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House.

Originally from Japan, Wagyu beef is known for its decadent flavor and fat marbling.

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