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Sexy, Wet & Sloshed

New swim-up bar wants to change the drinking scene in Galveston: Sexy, wet and sloshed?

Longboard Pool Bar in Galveston
The swim-up bar is slated for a May 30 opening. Longboard Pool Bar/Facebook
Longboard Pool Bar in Galveston
The Longbord Pool Bar features a frozen drink bar. Longboard Pool Bar/Facebook
Longboard Pool Bar in Galveston
Longboard Pool Bar in Galveston

If you want the sound of ocean waves minus the salt and sand, the new Longboard Pool Bar which is set to open just in time for summer in Galveston is your kind of seaside getaway.

The swim-up bar is slated to make a splash along the seawall May 30, taking over the spot at 17th Street previously occupied by Captain Jack’s.

From the looks of Longboard’s Facebook page, the bar is punctuated with sunny lounge chairs and a pool that allows for cooling off and sipping cocktails from the thatch-roof bar. The concept includes a frozen drink bar and the cocktail menu features mojitos and fruit-infused beverages.

Sun worshippers can thank developer Dennis Byrd of Island Famous Properties for Longboard Pool Bar. He has opened five other properties along the seawall including The Spot restaurant and bars Tiki Bar, Squeeze Ritas & Tequilas, RumShack and SideYard.

The Longboard Pool Bar is focusing on beverages for the opening, but is also hiring food runners, so expect a side of something with your summer cocktail sooner rather than later.

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