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A world's best? Midtown Houston bed and breakfast is bestowed with that distinction

News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_view_skyline
A view of Houston's downtown skyline from La Maison in Midtown Courtesy of
News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_building
La Maison in Midtown Courtesy of
News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_breakfast room
Breakfast room for full or continental service Courtesy of
News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_bedroom
Room 304 at La Maison...a perfect honeymoon retreat Courtesy of
News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_view_skyline
News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_building
News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_living room
News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_breakfast room
News_La Maison_bed and breakfast_bedroom

Whether a historic farmhouse in the Hill Country or a stately Victorian in a sleepy suburb, bed and breakfasts have a distinctly rural image. But that doesn't mean city dwellers can't put their own modern spin on the enterprise. gathered a list of the Top 10 urban B&Bs around the world and one in Houston made the list. La Maison in Midtown looks like any number of the newly built townhouses in Houston's trendy Midtown neighborhood, but comprises seven guest suites in three stories, with dramatic wrap-around verandas.

La Maison was joined on the list by some truly spectacular global retreats, including a London house that faces Hyde Park, a 400-year-old stone-walled hideaway in Paris' Marais district, a stately Georgian estate near Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C., and a historic wood-beamed inn in the middle of New York City.

Have you ever been to La Maison? What are your favorite Texas B&Bs?

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