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University of Houston football gets Times Square love: Program is up in Broadway lights

News_University of Houston_Times Square_billboards
The University of Houston found itself up in lights — in Times Square. Photo via New Member Times Square Boards/Facebook
News_Times Square_Big East_billboards
The Big East pulled off the welcome for all its new member schools. Photo via Big East Conference/Facebook
News_University of Houston_Times Square_billboards
News_Times Square_Big East_billboards

The University of Houston joined the Big East in large part to increase its national exposure. As a university — and a football program.

Well . . . how about going up in lights in Times Square? How about a gigantic billboard that towers over what's arguably the most famous street in the world? How's that for upping your Q Rating?

That is what UH received shortly after it was officially welcomed into a Big East that now stretches to San Diego last week. The conference arranged to have all its new member schools highlighted individually in a giant rotating electronic billboard (it's actually LED screens) on the side of American Eagle Outfitters' 25,000 square foot store.

 It's certainly not something Conference USA ever would have pulled off. 

During the height of the holiday shopping season, when Times Square is even more of a zoo of humanity than normal — and hundreds of thousands of eyes are in play.

People strolling down Broadway, looking up at the Times Square lights, saw the "Houston Cougars" highlighted in a message that included photos of UH football. No matter what you think of the Big East — and its chances of keeping an automatic berth to the Bowl Championship Series after 2013 when the current contract expires — the Times Square love is pretty cool.

Whose house? Coogs' House — in Times Square. It's certainly not something Conference USA, UH's old conference, ever would have pulled off.

When is Texas A&M putting up its giant Kevin Sumlin billboard?

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