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Lance Berkman to return to the Astros? New uniforms reveal brings talk of another throwback

Astros Jose Altuve new uniform
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Astros new uniform duo
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Astros Singleton new uniform
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Astros mascot Orbit front
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Bo Porter Astros
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Astros new star logo
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Astros new white uniform
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Jim Crane Astros
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Astros new orange uniform
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Astros new uniform crowd
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Houston Astros uniforms sale
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Astros mascot Orbit
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If you thought the Houston Astros' new uniform unveiling was doomed to be anticlimatic, you were wrong.

Sure, there were enough pre-event leaks about the designs that one could be excused for half wondering if Julian Assange had suddenly become interested in Jim Crane's club.

But on a November night when more than 5,000 fans and Roger Clemens showed up at Minute Maid Park, Houston general Jeff Luhnow spiced things by talking about another throwback.

The five-point star and the giant H are back on the Astros' new old school uniforms, but that's not the retro return Luhnow broached. Instead, he revealed that he does plan to contact free agent Lance Berkman, raising the possibility of a Big Puma return.

"Lance is still a force at the Major League level," Luhnow said in talking about his interest.

Of course, Luhnow also said that any Berkman return would have to make sense as a "baseball decision" and would not be based on creating a sentimental story line.

Luhnow also did seem much more excited about the players in the Astros new uniforms on this Friday night. All-Star second baseman Jose Altuve (No. 27) did look pretty good among his taller teammates.

The orange is back and it's already gaining backers in some important corners.

With all the new uniforms on display for the first time, many of the Astros players in attendance expressed a preference for the orange alternate jersey.

The new batting practice/alternate jerseys have the rainbow color scheme running down from the sleeves.

Orbit made an ultra-elaborate return as the Astros mascot in a skit that included a fake news report shown on Minute Maid's giant scoreboard, a real astronaut and a caravan of black SUVs.

Orbit still isn't as charismatic as new Astros manager Bo Porter though. Porter vowed to the crowd that his team "will get after people."

He impressed his new players even more in their talks.

"He could sell glasses to a blind man," pitcher Lucas Harrell said.


The new look and log is a take off of an old Astros look, continuing Major League Baseball's current throwback craze.

Outfielder Justin Maxwell models the Astros' new home uniform. Though Kate Upton needn't worry.

The Astros aren't trying to break into the runway world. Instructed to do a 360-twirl, none of the players did.

Astros owner Jim Crane called the team's new look "clean and tight." The team consulted with fans, players, its leadership and even the guys who wash the uniforms for input on the design.

The Astros new uniforms will follow them into the American League.

The turnout of 5,000-plus showed that there are plenty of diehard baseball fans who still care about the Astros in Houston.

Of course, some fans care more than others. Paul Guerrero went all out.

After the reveal show, the new uniforms went on sale in the Team Shops — and even right in the dugout. It's all about the merchandise.

Orbit could call this night a win for a team that's lost more than 100 games in two consecutive seasons. Then again, it's November.