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Arian Foster gleefully trash talks the 49ers, but his fight is Schaub destroyed

Arian Foster trash talks the 49ers, but his fight is Schaub destroyed

Arian Foster Bears
Arian Foster certainly seized the Sunday Night Football stage last season in Chicago. And he tried again in San Francisco. Photo By David Banks/Getty Images
Jim Harbaugh
Combustible 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh could appreciate Arian Foster's fight. 49ers
Arian Foster Bears
Jim Harbaugh

At least one Houston Texan brought his fight to San Francisco. Tailback Arian Foster barked at the San Francisco 49ers defensive players throughout the first half.

The NBC cameras captured Foster shouting at 49ers several times in the Sunday Night Football showcase. No word yet on whether he hit them with a "You don't know me, bro."

Foster's talk wasn't cheap — it was completely snowballed under. 

Regardless, the creative Foster clearly came into this game pumped up to deliver another one of his vintage prime time performances. The last time Foster played on Sunday Night Football he scored the only touchdown in that rainy gut-check win over the Chicago Bears on an incredible catch. He'd called a team meeting earlier this week to try and get the Texans pointed back in that type of direction.

No wonder why he couldn't stop talking once the game started.

Of course, Foster's talk quickly became overwhelmed by the wave of Matt Schaub interceptions. Foster put up decent numbers even before garbage time hit, rushing for 73 yards on 17 carries in the first three quarters. No. 23 would finish with 98 yards on 21 carries. And though Foster wasn't as involved in the passing game as he was against Seattle, he did add four receptions.

Not that any of it much mattered. The 49er defensive players could simply point to the scoreboard and the mounting embarrassment for Foster's team. His talk wasn't cheap — it was completely snowballed under.