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J.J. Watt shows off his freakish hands on ESPN: The world discovers the Texans' swat man

J.J. Watt hands up
J.J. Watt's hands-up swats are drawing more and more national attention. Photo by © Michelle Watson/

Mark Zuckerberg only wishes that Facebook's stock was rising as fast as J.J. Watt's.

The Houston Texans second-year defensive end is one of the hottest stories of the young NFL season and the national shows are calling. ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown featured Watt in a long segment this morning. Watt sat down for an interview with Tom Jackson, but the highlight of the piece was Watt reaching up and grabbing footballs out of the air with one hand again and again and again.

Yes, J.J. Swat as he's now known (at least when Connor Barwin isn't calling him The Milk Man) is freakishly athletic for a 6-foot-5, 295-pound man.

This on-field demonstration of Watt's swat abilities filmed inside the Texans' practice facility provided a clear demonstration of how large Watt's hands are and how easily he can catch the football.

Yes, J.J. Swat as he's now known (at least when Connor Barwin isn't calling him The Milk Man) is freakishly athletic for a 6-foot-5, 295-pound man.

The ESPN piece focused on Watt's rare ability to turn knocking down passes at the line into a consistent defensive weapon. And it was hardly the only national publicity the Texans received in the Sunday morning shows.

Houston is suddenly one of the hottest stories in the NFL, quickly becoming a national must stop. CBS's Shannon Sharpe sat down with quarterback Matt Schaub for an interview on The NFL Today. Sharpe asked Schaub about Texans coach Gary Kubiak texting him to go pick up Peyton Manning at the airport, a story broken by CultureMap last week.

And of course, Schaub had to show off his battered ear — the one with the little missing chunk.

Later on the show, Sharpe called Watt "a bad man" and the "top period" in terms of defensive players in the NFL. ESPN information man John Clayton is also in the press box for the Titans-Texans game.

It's hip to be following the story of these Texans.

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