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Watt's This?

Suggestive R-rated J.J. Watt trading card could become a collector's item

J.J. Watt football card with Houston Texans logo in crotch September 2013
Notice anything unusual about this trading card? Courtesy photo

Todd Nelkin, a Houston businessman who specializes in trading cards of all the major Houston professional sports teams, was jazzed about the sales potential for a pack of cards featuring 14 Texans, including Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Brian Cushing and J.J. Watt.

But when Nelkin tried to advertise the cards, which sell for $7.99 a pack, with the Houston Chronicle, a sales representative wondered if the J.J. Watt trading card was too risque for a family newspaper.

It seems that the Texans logo, which graces every card, was positioned so that it covers Watt's private area. As Nelkin's sister-in-law said after viewing the card, "Now that's taking the bull by the horns."

Of the Texans cards, only the Watt card has the unusual placement.

Nelkin wonders if a employee for the company that makes the cards, Topps Trading Cards, did it as a joke. A Topps representative at the company headquarters in New York did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But we have no doubt the card will be a collector's item before too long.

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