Best UH Football Ad Ever

Best UH football ad ever: Car company captures the Cougar spirit in cheeky Heisman House spot

Best UH football ad ever: Car company captures the Cougar spirit

Nissan's newest Heisman House ad has a decidedly University of Houston bent. The ongoing series gathers many of the most celebrated college football players of the last 30 years — all winners of the Heisman Trophy —  under one roof in a spoof of TV reality shows like Big Brother and The Real World as well as movies like Animal House.

In the latest ad, former University of Texas running back Ricky Williams, who won the Heisman in 1998, and former University of Michigan defensive player Charles Woodson, who won college football's most prestigious award in 1997, open the door of Williams' new burnt orange Nissan Juke with a Longhorn symbol on the hood and are surprised to discover claw marks all over the interior.

They go inside the mansion, where they see the UH banner has been untouched while Texas and Michigan banners have been clawed to pieces. They find former UH quarterback Andre Ware, Heisman winner in 1989, in the library with the UH mascot Shasta in a furry costume to find out what's going on, only to get a big surprise.

Other ads in the popular series feature 2012 Heisman winner Johnny Manziel playing with a mini-Manziel action figure and throwing a football at a Navy admiral while Roger Staubach, who won the Heisman in 1963, looks on in horror.

The ads are part of a campaign to get consumers to vote in this year's Heisman race. As a Heisman trophy partner, the car company will cast one vote on behalf of fans.

Nissan University of Houston ad
From left, Andre Ware, Ricky Wiliams, Charles Woodson and Shasta. Courtesy photo