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Houston Texans expected to make the highest offer for Nnamdi Asomugha, the most desired free agent of all

One player isn't supposed to be able to change everything in pro football. Unless that player is all-everything cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and he comes to Houston to save the worst secondary in the NFL.

Then, it's easy to imagine one franchise player turning a 6-10 record into a 10-6 playoff breakthrough season.

And now, Houston Texans fans have reason to do more than harbor farfetched dreams of Nnamdi. ESPN's NFL information guru Chris Mortensen says that he expects the Texans to make "the biggest offer" for Asomugha.

Which probably shocks anyone who has observed how the Texans have cautiously treated free agency under owner Bob McNair.

"Asomugha is interesting because the Houston Texans, probably, are going to make him the biggest offer,” Mortensen said on ESPN's national Mike & Mike radio show Tuesday. "Yet you keep hearing that Nnamdi wants to go somewhere where he can begin to focus on his post-playing career, even though he’ll give it his all as he’s playing. He has a great interest in being an actor, whether it’s in theater or (movies), and that could factor into it.”

Yes, Mortensen expects the Texans to offer Asomugha the most money — and still possibly lose out on him. With the speculation centering on the idea that the former Oakland Raider is enamored with the bright lights of New York, specifically the media magnet of Rex Ryan's Jets.

Still, just the idea of the Texans making the highest offer for the player that everyone wants — the No. 1 free agent without question — would be a game changer for a Houston franchise that often seems to think small time even though it's one of the most valuable sports teams in the world. The Baltimore Ravens — who seemed to cut half their team Monday night to free up money in the first big post-lockout move — and the Detroit Lions are also expected to go after Asomugha hard, making Mortensen's biggest offer talk for the Texans even more telling.

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