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Johnny Manziel jumps behind a bar in Austin, starts serving drinks to shocked regulars in another wild night

Johnny Manziel TMZ Rooftop on 6th
Johnny Manziel: From Aggie to Brown to bartender. Photo via

Johnny Manziel reportedly jumped behind the bar of an Austin dive, mixing and pouring drinks for patrons for more than an hour. (He must still be waiting on that first paycheck from the Cleveland Browns.)

TMZ reports that Johnny Football kicked off the long holiday weekend in Longhorn territory, spending July 3 slinging drinks at the Rooftop on 6th.

Manziel's jaunt to Austin is just the latest in what has been a well-documented run of hard partying for Manziel. Less than two months after being drafted by the Browns, Manziel has been photographed partying in Las Vegas, in Beverly Hills with Justin Bieber, and while rolling up a $20 bill in a Las Vegas bathroom. (The last one happened this weekend too — after the Austin bartender stint started everything.)

According to TMZ, the Texas A&M University hero left his Rooftop on 6th bartending duties to rejoin his party in an exclusive VIP area where he drank champagne. No word on if he split the tips with his fellow bartenders.

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