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Crazy CrossFit strength: Gym owner shows off his handstand walks and Annihilation plans

Crossfit Kyle Flowers
Photo by Joel Luks

With the weather heating up, Houstonians are feeling the pressure to get their bodies beach ready. Have you noticed your friends on social media checking into CrossFit gyms as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Meet Kyle Flowers, CrossFit Annihilation gym owner and fitness trainer, who's on a mission to challenge his clients and himself. Flowers is one of a select handful of CrossFit practitioners who's not only perfecting his own technique, he's taking it to a fierce and elite competition. 

In a video interview with "Up To Speed" host Nicole Hickl, this level-headed health pundit explains that out of 7,000 CrossFit gents, 48 were selected for a spot in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games South Central Regionals in San Antonio, slated for for May 23 to 25. Flowers, ranking 35th out of those 48, will be tested on hang squat snatches, handstand walks and handstand push-ups, physical moves that he demonstrates for the CultureMap cameras.

Watch the video above and be prepared to be amazed at Flowers' strength.

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