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Humble hometown hero: Dynamo Alex Dixon loves the circus, otters & mom

Humble hometown hero: Dynamo Alex Dixon loves the circus, otters & mom

News_Dynamo_Alex Dixon_soccer player
Alex Dixon Photo by © Michelle Watson/
News_Dynamo_Alex Dixon_soccer player
Alex Dixon Photo by © Michelle Watson/
News_Dynamo_Alex Dixon_soccer player
Alex Dixon Photo by © Michelle Watson/
News_Dynamo_Alex Dixon_soccer player
News_Dynamo_Alex Dixon_soccer player
News_Dynamo_Alex Dixon_soccer player

Everyone wants to go out with a professional athlete. But how much sweeter would it be to spend time with one who grew up in the same area you did and shared many of the same experiences?

With the Houston Dynamo, Alex Dixon is that athlete. And dinner with him is up for bid in a bachelor auction for a good cause.

It takes place at Drink Houston on Saturday night. The event is Cruz'in for A Cure, a fundraiser and party organized by Dynamo defender Danny Cruz to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Cruz and the Dynamo set a goal of raising $30,000 for LLS and this night is a major part of that push. The centerpiece of the campaign? That bachelor auction of 11 Dynamo hotties. Including Dixon.

Who should you bid on? Let CultureMap's dating personality quiz be your guide.

Dixon — a Humble native, former North Carolina Tar Heel and Dynamo rookie this season — just made his professional debut this month. He might be new to the Dynamo, but Dixon grew up in the Bayou City's midst and has a head start on his teammates when it comes to knowing all the best Houston haunts.

Dixon took time to answer all the crucial questions for CultureMap in anticipation of being auctioned off.

21-year-old from Humble, Texas.

Zodiac sign:

Give us your idea of the perfect first date:
"Maybe like a long walk or something, get some food. If the circus is in town we'd do that, or the fair or something like that — keep it fun."

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to impress a girl?
"I'm not really allowed to say some of the stuff I've done to impress girls. I'll leave it at that."

Do you believe in love at first sight?
"I could be interested in a girl, but I don't know about love."

What's your favorite date movie?
"I don't know. I watch a lot of comedies so maybe Superbad or something like that."

If you were an animal what animal would you be and why?
"Can I be two? I'd be a lion — like King of the jungle I guess — and I'd be an otter. I've always liked otters."

On what occasion(s) do you dance, and are you good at it?
"I'm an alright dancer. I like to dance when we go out and stuff, I dance in my room all the time by myself."

Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
"Mila Kunis."

Give us your best pick-up line:
"Whatever pops into mind at the time."

Do you have a nickname? What's the story behind it?
"I go by 'Dix.' Some of the guys call me Puff. I was joking around about a rap name one day and it kind of stuck, unfortunately."

What's your biggest pet peeve?
"Not washing the dishes. I live with Jordan and Josue Soto."

Sarah's appraisal: $2,200
Unlike Caroline, I am a big fan of otters. Especially otters that hold hands. Plus I love the idea of a fun date at a fair — there's something innocent and romantic about it.

Caroline's appraisal: $2,000
I like his sense of mystery — what hasn't he done to impress a girl, I wonder — but Dixon gets docked for his second choice in animal. Cougars and lions might go together (I'm 24) but an otter? Not so much.

Longtime sportswriter Chris Baldwin's appraisal: $1700
Alex Dixon is one of the best stories on the Dynamo and that increases the value of any dinner with him. He's the local kid playing for the local pro team — and he got here on the strength of his single parent turned soccer mom. Marisa Parks raised Alex right — so much so that she was comfortable that he'd be OK when she let him go to a prestigious soccer academy in Florida at age 15.

Dixon credits his mom every chance he gets and how can you not respect that? Parks drove her son all over Texas so he'd have a chance at his soccer dream and never stopped believing he'd make it. Do you really want to underbid on her baby?

Dixon is a rookie, so he hasn't had the chance to do all that much on the field for the Dynamo yet. But make no mistake, he could be a big part of the franchise's future. After his time in Florida, he spent 10 months at the Dynamo Academy before playing his college soccer for traditional power North Carolina. Don't dismiss this 21-year-old. He's on a mission.

A mission from mom.