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Poor Franchise: Steve Francis makes one of the worst rap videos of all time, guarantees ridicule

News_Steve Francis_basketball player_Houston Rockets
Steve Francis was more suited for basketball.  SB
Shaq in Kazaam should have served as a warning — sports figures typically don't transition so well into film and music.  Courtesy of Photo via

Poor Steve Francis. 

The once All-Star level basketball talent (he played with the Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic and New York Knicks in a nine-year NBA career that saw him average 18.1 points per game) has made a foray into the music scene. 

And not just in a peripheral way — although he has done that, too, with his record label Mazerati Music — but with his own rap song and corresponding, full-fledged music video. 

 Couldn't Francis have learned from the scores of other athletes who have, in turn, tried their hand at a rap career? 

 The song, entitled "Finer Things," is as Yahoo Sports' Dan Devine so succinctly described it, "very perfectly Steve Francis, in that it is pretty soundly stuck in the mid-2000s."

Couldn't Francis have learned from the scores of other athletes who have, in turn, tried their hand at a rap career? Or perhaps from Shaq's much-criticized role in Kazaam? Or, if that's not enough, even Michael Jordan's in Space Jam?

This can only lead to ridicule. Watch it above. 

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