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Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick can't get enough of this ultra pricey, ultra trendy Austin restaurant

Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker knows how to live well. Courtesy of Model Life
Andy Roddick dive
Andy Roddick is a creature of habit — and expensive taste — in Austin. Courtesy of At The Net
Austin Photo Set: News_Tavaner_meet the tastemakers_decor_april 2012_uchiko
Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick are frequent diners at Uchiko. Photo by Bill Sallans
Brooklyn Decker
Andy Roddick dive
Austin Photo Set: News_Tavaner_meet the tastemakers_decor_april 2012_uchiko

Many Austinites wax poetically about a near-heavenly experience that is dining at Uchiko, and local model-turned-movie star Brooklyn Decker is no different. In a recent interview with People magazine, Decker dishes on her love of the famed sushi spot calling it, simply, "incredible."

The actress notes that when she and her retired tennis star husband Andy Roddick are in town, they go to Uchiko as often at two to three times a week, often enough that the staff knows her order. While the rest of us lowly peasants can only dream of a world where three meals a week at Uchiko wouldn't mean overdrawing our bank account, Decker notes that she likes the self-proclaimed Japanese farmhouse for its unique blend of New American, Japanese and farm-to-table cuisine.

And like any good Austinite, Decker notes the importance of eating local. "I live in Austin so I like anything that is local there," she notes.

Decker and Roddick aren't the only famous folks to rave about the restaurant, which is a frequent stop among the Hollywood set. Uchiko was the launching pad of celebrity chef Paul Qui, and is helmed by the James Beard Award-winning chef Tyson Cole.

In addition to Decker's video love letter, People also spoke to Cole about Uchiko and even got him to dish (ha!) on the recipe for his Yokai Berry, a kale and salmon sushi that counts Decker and Roddick among its many fans.

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