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Bill Clinton and George W. Bush enjoy a bros night out with Tony Romo at Final Four thanks to Jerry's suite life

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have always enjoyed a cozy relationship. They got back together at the Final Four Monday night. Courtesy of Inside D.C.
Final Four at AT&T Stadium
Jerry World has certainly lured its share of celebrities to the North Texas Final Four. Photo by Claire St. Amant
Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
Final Four at AT&T Stadium

ARLINGTON — Johnny Manziel couldn't make it again, but the ex presidents did.

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush watched the national championship game together, bringing a jolt of extra star power to the final night of the North Texas Final Four. The 42nd and 43rd presidents of the United States came to Jerry World as guests of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who's turned his stadium suite into celebrity central.

Clinton came to hang out, arriving in AT&T Stadium more than an hour before the opening tip and wasting little time hobnobbing in Jones' suite. Clinton and Jones are both huge University of Arkansas backers of course and Razorbacks athletic director Jeff Long talked with them up in the suite.

 ​Guess who else is hanging with the presidents? None other than Tony Romo.

Dozens of fans snapped photos of the former prez and posted them to Twitter. George W. Bush was more fashionably late, but still in time for the opening tip.

And W. is the one who enjoyed the real hometown love, getting a huge ovation when he and his wife Laura appeared on the monster jumbotron. Guess who else is hanging with the presidents? None other than Tony Romo, proving it pays to be Jerry's favorite quarterback whether you can get your team to the playoffs or not.

The trio received their scoreboard moment right before Darius Rucker sang the national anthem. No word on whether George W. plans to paint a picture of the scene.

Security seemed tighter for the championship game with bomb dogs brought over to sniff the bags of reporters entering the stadium, something that didn't happen for Saturday night's semifinals. Secret service agents were also a visible presence on the suite level.

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