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Movie star makes a sex joke about Texans QB Matt Schaub: Yes, this really happened

022, Una Notte in Italia, November 2012, Matt Schaub
Matt Schaub . . . the sex idol? Matt Schaub Photo by © Michelle Watson/
022, Una Notte in Italia, November 2012, Matt Schaub
steve carell office

The Super Bowl is long over, the Baltimore Ravens have managed to find the Lombardi Trophy they "misplaced" and San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has almost run out of people to scream at. What's there left to do before putting another NFL season to bed?

Just acknowledging Matt Schaub's new standing as the league's resident . . .  sex symbol.

Hey, the Houston Texans often-embattled quarterback has the award to prove it. Thanks to funnyman turned movie star Steve Carell. While he appropriately mock introduced the Fantasy Football Player of the Year Award (won by Texas native Adrian Peterson), Carell shifted the attention to Schaub.

 If Carell had been this funny on The Office, the show really would have been worthy of all the attention it receives. 

Carell cracked that the Fantasy Football Player of the Year is "not to be confused with the Sexual Fantasy Player of the Year, won in a separate ceremony by Matt Schaub."   

The CBS cameras then cut to the infamously balding Schaub (like he's the only man in America suffering from male pattern baldness, people!) sitting in the audience next to his gorgeous blonde wife Laurie Schaub (a former NFL cheerleader turned Houston philanthropist). And so much for Schaub having no sense of humor.

It turns out that in the offseason, he actually laughs. In public.

Hey, if Steve Carell had been this funny on The Office before he left, the show really would have been worthy of all the attention it receives.

Thanks to Carell, Schaub had a moment (even if it's one his teammates are sure to kid him about) at the NFL's now annual Super Bowl weekend awards show even though he wasn't up for any of the major honors. So much for the packaged show being all about TV-beloved crossover stars like Peyton Manning, Peterson and the Texans own rising national power player J.J. Watt.

All it takes to break through is some of that Matt Schaub sex appeal.

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