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Super Bowl Alternatives

Don't care about the Super Bowl? Here are plenty of other fun things to do

Puppy Bowl 2014
Check out the Puppy Bowl at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet for the perfect combination of cuteness and not-really-football football.
Houston Cinema Arts Festival 2013 Cutie and the Boxer
At 5 p.m., head over to the MFAH to see Houston director Zachary Heinzerling's Oscar-nominated documentary, Cutie and the Boxer. Photo courtesy of Radius-TWC
OKRA Charity Saloon bar with customers
Check out OKRA Charity Saloon for light bites and tasty drinks. Photo by Julie Soefer/Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau
Places-Drinks-13 Celsius
If you're looking to spend your evening at a wine bar, 13 Celsius in Midtown is the place for you with half off all open bottles on Sundays. Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau
Coppa Osteria interior
For a luxurious meal, head to Coppa Osteria, one of Rice Village's newest restaurants. Photo by Daniel Ortiz
Ruthie where to eat right now October 2013 Cloud10 ice cream
Don't forget dessert! Stop by Cloud 10 Creamery for a delicious after-dinner treat. Photo by Ruthie Miller
Puppy Bowl 2014
Houston Cinema Arts Festival 2013 Cutie and the Boxer
OKRA Charity Saloon bar with customers
Places-Drinks-13 Celsius
Coppa Osteria interior
Ruthie where to eat right now October 2013 Cloud10 ice cream

So your loved one can't wait for the Super Bowl on Sunday and you would rather do just about anything else. Well, CultureMap has your night planned out so you can avoid watching the Broncos and Seahawks  totally.

If you can somehow escape having a Super Bowl party at your house, watch the Puppy Bowl instead. This year marks the ninth year that Animal Planet has saved so many from the perils of the  endless Super Bowl pre-game shows, instead opting for a much cuter take: Puppy football. Starting at 3 p.m., watch adorable puppies "play football" (otherwise known as horsing around and generally being adorable) for two hours. You can even create your own puppy player "Fantasy League."

The only problem with the Puppy Bowl is that it ends at 5 p.m. and the Super Bowl doesn't start until 5:30. The solution: See Houston director Zachary Heinzerling's Oscar-nominated documentary, Cutie and the Boxer, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The film explores the rather chaotic 40-year marriage of famed boxing painter Ushio Shinohara and his wife, Noriko. Heinzerling, a graduate of St. John's School, pays tribute to these charismatic artists in his award-winning documentary. The screening, which starts at 5 p.m., will save you from at least the 90 minutes of football frenzy.

After that, head out for some food and drinks with your football-hating comrades, although you clearly need to avoid anywhere that could possibly have a TV. There are a number of great options to get you away from all the Super Bowl hullabaloo.

For something low-key, head downtown to OKRA Charity Saloon for a fun atmostphere, great drinks and a menu that includes parmesan rosemary waffle fries, fried pickled okra (of course) and oatmeal cookies.

Looking for a wine bar with small bites? Check out Midtown's 13 Celsius where you can enjoy 50 percent off all open bottles, as well as a menu that includes paninis, a wide variety of cheeses and salumi.

If you're in the mood to treat yourself (although not watching the game is a treat in itself), make reservations at Coppa Osteria, one of Rice Village's newest restaurants, for a delicious Italian feast. Follow it up at Cloud 10 Creamery down the block for some of Houston's finest ice cream, including unique seasonal flavors like brown sugar with butterscotch and Earl Grey.

To assure you miss all of the seemingly endless game that is the Super Bowl (especially if you're loved one is hosting a party at your home), make sure not to return before 10 p.m. There was a 34-minute delay of game last year due to a power outage, so if you want to guarantee watching no football whatsoever, don't break that rule.

To complete your sports-free evening, watch the post-game airing of a special episode of New Girl on FOX. The football fan in your life is sure to love that.

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