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Astros star fights zombies, saves tornado victim in new YouTube video

Craig Biggio
The accomplishments of Craig Biggio — as shown in a new YouTube video made by Lloyd Richey — include crime fighting and even a tornado victim rescue.

After being passed over for a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013, legendary Houston Astro Craig Biggio is up for election again this year. With many fans upset about last year's decision, Baytown resident Lloyd Richey decided to commemorate Biggio and his legacy with a video in which fans can learn about the Astro's many substantial but less well-known accomplishments.

With a resume that (apparently) includes a post-tornado rescue, crime fighting, nightmare prevention, and even the ability to fend off zombies, it seems pretty clear that Biggio deserves to be inducted this year. 

"I'm just a fan," Richey explained in an email. "He's been my favorite for as long as I can remember and when I found he didn't get in (to the Hall of Fame), I just had this random idea of a 'promotional video' of him fighting zombies."

Because Richey is married, with a new baby, and has a demanding job with long hours, it took him three months to make the video, using family and friends, and their backyards. "It's the ultimate victory for me, since I know the video doesn't actually have an effect on the voting. It is just to raise awareness and hopefully a response from Craig Biggio himself," he said.

Don't forget that Biggio is one of only 28 players in the history of Major League Baseball to achieve more than 3,000 hits during his 19-year career with the Astros and is only one of four members of the 3,000 hit club not to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The other three players are Pete "Banned for Life" Rose, Derek Jeter (who is an active player), and anabolic steroid-user Rafael Palmiero. Seems like Biggio deserves the honor, but for whatever reason, it hasn't happened for him yet.

In spite of last year's snub, the baseball star — also the current head baseball coach at St. Thomas High School — is looking good to be inducted this year. According to data compiled from published Baseball Writers' Association of America members' ballots, a 2014 induction is could be in Biggio's future as he currently holds 80.7 percent of the votes published (75 percent is needed for induction). The final election results will be announced on Jan. 9.

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