Shelby's New Year's Rhyming Game

Rhyming game covers Houston notables and New Year's fun

Rhyming game covers Houston notables and New Year's fun

T'was the night before New Year's and all through the town

Swells were dressing up, while hipsters dressed down.

They were ready to party and oh! how they played,

From Vallone's to Da Marco to Midtown's arcade.

But before the corks popped and confetti sprung forth

We took a look back for all it was worth:

2013 saw real estate on fire.

Just ask Laura Sweeney, Cathy Blum and Rosie Meyer.

The Texans defaulted while J.J. Watt soared.

The fans how they moaned, how they quickly grew bored.

The Astros played poorly and Jim Crane, he cried,

In his dismay, he claimed that Comcast had lied.

So out on the town there arose quite a clatter, 

the team needed more than just a new batter.

Beyoncé she came and her Jay Z did, too,

turning H-Town into a pit stop for baby Blue.

While the stars made the rounds and entertained in high style,

it was Houstonians whose graces gave scribes their big smile.

The glam factor soared across city streets

as they dressed to the nines in visions so sweet.

Lucinda Loya, Joyce Echols and Melissa Mithoff

How they looked so divine, at the rules how they scoffed.

Phoebe Tudor, Lynn Wyatt, Lora Clemmons and Liz Glanville,

They dressed in high style, each expressing her own will.

And the couples that caught the photographers' eyes,

They were beauties, they were handsome, both the gals and the guys.

Nick Florescu, Dominique Sachse, Greggory Burke and hubby Pat,

Brittany and Kevin Kushner, Rosemarie Johnson and Matt.

Monsour Taghdisi, Henry Richardson, Kristen Nix and her Lee,

Gary Tinterow, Christoper Gardner, Pat Oxford and wife Katie.

Making their mark in this city so fine,

We salute the citizenery both playful and sublime.

Janiece Longoria, our director of ports,

Houston Texans Bob McNair, the king of good sports.

Mari Carmen Ramirez, Sixto Wagan and DJ Sun

Stanton Welch, Patrick Summers and William Middleton,

Annise Parker, Ed Emmett and City Councilman Costello,

Ellen Cohen, Gene Wu and Carol Alvarado.

H-Town, it rocks both day and night

with citizens intent on making things right.

We count among them the Kinders, both Nancy and Rich,

John and Bobbie Nau who understand the right pitch.

Of Nancy Allen, the Petrellos, Laura Arnold and John,

the Blantons, the Bushes and Bakers we are fond.

For they give and they give and make the city glow,

all the while keeping an eye out as H-Town does grow.

A few of our faves worth mentioning this year

are those who've made us smile even through fear —

Randy Powers, Bill Caudell, Sheridan Williams and John Eddie,

Gregory Fourticq, his mom and his dad, John Hrncir and Betty.

Pedro and Vesta Frommer, Melinda Berkman and Norman,

Tony Vallone, his wife Donna, Diane Connally and John.

We're off to a new start in 2014 

among those who are sure to be making the scene:

Divya and Chris Brown and Tilman Fertitta,

Jared Lang and the MehtasPershant and Nidhika,

Maryam Afshari, Lindley Arnoldy, Miya Shay and John Andell,

George Lancaster, Shannon Hall, Romy Mitchell — they all are quite swell.

As the evening winds on and my wit comes to an end,

I bid you adieu and best wishes I send 

for a better new year as we're all on the mend.

Out with the old, in with new,

Happy New Year from CultureMap to you!

14 Jean Paul Gaultier salon Paris June 2013 Joyce Echols, Melissa Mithoff
These Houston fashionistas — Joyce Echols, left, and melissa Mithoff — ruled the streets of Paris in June. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
42 Virtuosi of Houston Gala May 2013 Nick Florescu and Dominique Sachse
Houston is filled with beautiful couples and among them is standout Nick Florescu and Dominique Sachse. Photo by © Priscilla Dickson
Tilman Fertitta, September 2012, head shot
Always up to something on the business scene, Tilman Fertitta is one to watch in 2014. Courtesy Photo
Hermann Park Conservancy Gala April 2013 Divya Brown and Chris Brown
Divya and Chris Brown are among those to watch in 2014. Photo by © Gary Fountain
Jim Crane Astros Wives
Houston Astros owner Jim Crane made plenty of news in 2013, surely more to come in 2014. Jim Crane Photo by © Michelle Watson/
22 Houston Grand Opera gowns April 2013 Lynn Wyatt
Among the city's bright lights, Lynn Wyatt continues to reign as H-Town's ultimate ambassador. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
3 U.S. Ambassador dinner in Paris June 2013 Monsour Taghdisi, Henry Richardson
Monsour Taghdisi, left, and Henry Richardson are one of H-Town's favorite duos. Photo by © Michelle Watson/