Secrets To A Beautiful Tan

Ray of light: Fashion-forward Houstonians reveal secrets to a beautiful tan without the sun damage

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Most of us view the summer sun as the enemy of a lifetime of beautiful skin. Yet at the same time, we're longing for a beautiful tan. A handful of fashion-forward Houstonians share their secrets for great color without the rays.


Kathleen Jennings, founder of the BeautyNow app:

"I love Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster —  you just mix three drops in with your regular moisturizer for a beautiful non-orange glow.

"It's great to use on your face when your spray tan fades from your face faster than your body because you wash and exfoliate your face more!"

Jessica Rossman, senior counsel with United Airlines:

"It's definitely all about sunscreen and the right bronzer to atone for many Texas summers spent basting in baby oil (imagine!). 

"The first is Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster. It's a gradual toner. You add two to three drops to your nighttime moisturizer for your face neck and décolletage. 

"It's very gradual. You can control the number of drops that you add to your moisturizer and it forces you to be good and moisturize nightly! Bonus!

"For daytime, SkinCeuticals has a wonderful new sunscreen light matte tinted-moisturizer. It's called Physical Matte UV Defense Sunscreen. It's absolutely featherlight coverage but packs SPF 50 protection."

Allie Fields, community leader/charity fundraiser:

"I have melasma on my face so I have to be super careful about the sun. I use a mineral based Glytone Sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. I look like a mime sometimes.

"When I'm at Lake Austin, you can always find me in a mesh baseball cap or trucker hat.

"The best at-home self-tanner I use is by Tarte and its called Brilliance. You can find it at Sephora.

"My tried and true for color is Nars powder bronzer in Laguna. "

Audrey Cochran, retired attorney and mother of two:

"For sunscreen for my face, I love Elta MD the physical tinted one. And for body, I use Neutrogena spray.

"But honestly I stay away from tanning, trying to reverse all that damage that I did as a teenager laying out on my trampoline and in the tanning beds in college!

"I rarely use self-tanners but I hear St .Tropez products are the best."

Patti Murphy, community leader; charity fundraiser:

"I really like the look of the spray tans and love the convenience when someone comes to your home. It's a complete tan, usually flawless. 

"However, I do use a self-tanner to add some color and mix it with my body lotion.  My favorite is Sublime Bronze by L'Oreal.  It has to be mixed with lotion though or it may stick to the freckles and make spots. Not cute."

Kelli Blanton, community leader; charity fundraiser:

"After decades of time in the sun (I was a lifeguard for my summer job for seven years!),  I have recently started to use sunscreen products especially on my face and neck when I am outdoors. 

"My favorites are Avene Haute Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50  and Revision Intellishade anti-aging tinted moisturizer with SPF 45 purchased from Dr. Jennifer Segal."

(Also available online.)

Estela (Sandoval) Cockrell, community leader; charity fundraiser:

"I don't personally spray tan or use a self-tanner.  I have pretty olive skin and tan very easily.

"I use Bambu Tanning spray SPF 15 evenly daily (for all my outdoor tennis) or Supergoop spray.  That gives me a great base.

"I use Vanicream for my décolletage (shooting for no wrinkles there!!) and any other sensitive areas like my shoulders and such.

"I use a hat constantly and apply these two products to my face: Image Skincare daily moisture SPF 32 and Goldfaden MD Sun Visor (obsessed)."

Janet Gurwitch, founder of Laura Mercier Cosmetics:

"I have two products I use regularly:

1) Sun protectant---I use Laura Mercier Daily Face Shield, SPF 40 Sunscreen.

2) Guerlain Terracotta Spray (SPF 10). It's a terrific self-bronzing spray that  makes your legs (that's where I use it, but can be used anywhere) look sleek and tan.

"The key is to buy the short brush to blend the bronzer so you have a very even look."


Lucinda Loya, interior designer:

True Blue Spa was recommended by the girls at the Neiman Marcus make-up counter. They wish to remain anonymous as it is not sold at Neiman's. They swear it has NO odor and gives a beautiful golden glow.  I use for a little tint usually on my arms."

"Jergen's Natural Glow is sold at Walgreens and can give your legs a beautiful all-over tan once applied in about 30 minutes!  It may start to streak once it begins to wear off and it does have that oh so familiar smell that tanners often have.  I use it often because it offers quick results!

"Vita Liberata is the BEST!  My favorite!!  Sold at Sephora for $50 and worth every penny!  Introduced to me by my girlfriend in NYC, who works for Bloomberg, and lives in a pencil skirt.

"It goes on evenly without a scent and stains the skin to a natural brown tint. It does not streak and you may apply daily. The manufacturer claims the tan lasts up to 'weeks.'  I give it a few days from one application, unless you continue to reapply! I like using it in conjunction with Jergen's Natural Glow  for additional color! "