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Cal McNair, Hannah McNair, Leroy Petry
Cal and Hannah McNair with Medal of Honor Recipient Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry. Photo by Larry Pullen
Jim Hoelker, Greg Ladeveze, Impact a Hero Gala
Impact A Hero board chairman Jim Hoelker with Impact Player Partner of the year Greg Ladeveze. Photo by Larry Pullen
Bob McNair, Janice McNair, Kimberly Keenum, Case Keenum, Impact a Hero Gala
Bob and Janice McNair, left, with Kimberly and Case Keenum. Photo by Larry Pullen
Impact a Hero Gala, Brady Boyd, Larry Boyd, Brenda Boyd, Ben Farr
1st Lt. Brady Boyd, from left, Larry and Brenda Boyd and Ben Farr. Photo by Larry Pullen
Jenny Myers, Chris Meyers, Steven Schulz, Impact a Hero Gala
Jenny and Chris Myers, left, with veteran Steven Schulz and his service dog Sonny. Photo by Larry Pullen
Christian Okoye, Matt Rios, Impact a Hero Gala
Former Kansas City Chiefs player Christian Okoye with Hall of Fame Inductee Sgt. Matt Rios. Photo by Larry Pullen
Christian Okoye, Matt Rios, Impact a Hero Gala
Sgt. Eladio Ramos III, from left, Cpl. Chase Bodie, Cpl. Mark Thomas and Sgt. Ken Kalish. Photo by Larry Pullen
Eddie Wright, Cody Wright, Impact a Hero Gala
Sgt. Eddie Wright and wife, Cody. Photo by Larry Pullen
Jessica Benson, Jeny Cortez, Latseen Benson, Impact a Hero Gala
Jessica Benson, left, with Impact A Hero business director Jeny Cortez and Sgt. Latseen Benson. Photo by Larry Pullen
Impact a Hero Gala
Servicemen at the 10th Annual Impact A Hero's Hall of Fame Gala Dinner. Photo by Larry Pullen