Shelby's Social Diary

Knighthood never looked so splendid as at the Order of St. Hubertus festivities in Houston

There's nothing like the pomp and circumstance of a knighthood investiture into one of the world's most esteemed hunting societies. And who better to host such an illustrious occasion than Houstonians with a strong history with the organization — the International Order of St. Hubertus. 

The recent investiture of a number of U.S. gents into the society of elite hunters founded by Austrian Count Anton von Spork in 1695, was headed by Scotty Arnoldy and Dennis Murphree. 

They organized a weekend of events putting forth the best of sophisticated Texas hospitality, including a white-tie-and-tails dinner at The Houstonian following the investiture at St. Anne's Catholic Church.

Jana and Scotty Arnoldy dressed to the nines for the fancy dress dinner.

Wine played an important role in the dinner evening attended by some 300 members of the society and spouses that came from across the U.S., Europe and Mexico.

Dan Tutcher, left, and Steve Raben at the white-tie-and-tails dinner that followed the investiture.

Order of St. Hubertus wives Clayton Erikson, left, and Colleen Kotts joined the shooting party at the Arnoldy ranch in Brenham.

The shoot was part of the festivities that included a dine-around in swank homes across the city, a brunch at Brennan's and a wild game dinner at the Coronado Club.

Include many thanks to St. Hubertus, patron saint of hunters, for inspiration.

Dennis Murphree, from left, Scotty Arnoldy and Rick George at the skeet and pigeon shoot at the Arnoldy ranch.

John and Debbie Daugherty dressed to the nines for the Order of St. Hubertus shooting party. 

Cornelia and Meredith Long at The Houstonian dinner following his investiture into the society.

Even the pups were welcome at the St. Hubertus shoot at the Arnoldy ranch where Jana Arnoldy had her hands full.

Laurie and Reed Morian at The Houstonian dinner following his promotion from Knight to Knight Officer. Also stepping up a notch to Knight Officer were Robin French and Bill Chiles.

Dan and Kim Tutcher were part of the Houston host committee for the St. Hubertus weekend events, hosting one of the dine-around dinners at their River Oaks home.

The scene at the Arnoldy ranch for the Order of St. Hubertus shoot.

Colleen and John Kotts following his promotion from Knight Officer to Knight Commander.

Joining Kotts in that step up were Scotty Arnoldy, Ed Jones, John Kelsey, Jerry Finger and Vidal Martinez.

Alice and Keith Mosing, dressed in the traditional green velvet cloak and Maltese cross, were part of the weekend festivities.

Among the 100 Houston members joining the St. Hubertus festivities were Laura and Brad McWilliams.

Ned and Kay Holmes participated in the St. Hubertus celebrations.

Jerry and Nanette Finger were part of the St. Hubertus festivities.