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Iron Chef Bryan Caswell gets married — and sings his heart out to his bride

9 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
Bryan Caswell and Jennifer Dell on their wedding day. Photo by © Sally Kate
15 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
Bryan Caswell sings "I Want to Know What Love Is" for his bride. Photo by © Sally Kate
13 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
Decor included crystal chandeliers hung from stately oaks. Photo by © Sally Kate
7 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
A kiss is more than just a kiss for Jennifer Dell and Bryan Caswell. Photo by © Sally Kate
6 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
And then they were off for a honeymoon in Italy. Photo by © Sally Kate
9 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
15 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
13 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
7 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014
6 Bryan Caswell wedding March 2014

You could say that on Saturday, uber chef Bryan Caswell was the happiest man on the planet. And well he should have been as that was the day he wed his sweetheart, Jennifer Dell, in a family ceremony in the backyard of his parents West University home.

In the mix of 50 who witnessed the wedding and the 100 more who arrived for the reception were five fellow chefs and enough bold-faced types to fill an entire column.

The Events Co. stepped in to decorate Barbara and Mike Caswell's backyard with everything from crystal chandeliers hanging from the oak trees to the construction of an altar replete with candles and oodles of fresh flowers. The ceremony was presided over by Judge Bill Harmon.

The groom's business partner, Bill Floyd, reports that the highlight of the wedding was Caswell's gift to his bride. He sang the Foreigner hit  "I Want To Know What Love Is," encouraging all guests to join in on the chorus. With band The Peonys backing up Caswell, the song was the chef's special gift for his bride. 

As might have been expected, guests feasted on fare from Reef, Little Bigs, El Real and taste treats from Philip Speers' crew from Uchi. Floyd praised Tony Gutierrez and Crew Staffing for their job well done.

Chefs wishing the newlyweds well were French Cowboy Philippe Schmidt, Richard Knight of Feast and Hunky Dory, Underbelly's Ryan Lachaine and Tafia's Monica Pope.

Among guests were Kristi and John Schiller, Louisiana Seafood owners Diane and Jim Gossen, Laura and Eli Massoud, Charlene Floyd, Kelly Klaasmeyer and Robb Walsh, Greg Morago, Jenny Wang and Trey Gillen. Owner of Tre Spa, Gillen is the stylist responsible for the groom's new long hair look.

The happy couple is off to Italy for a two-week honeymoon then back in time to open the Reef team's new joint venture BBQ spot with Ronnie Killen.

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