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An artist and a litigator: They found romance in Montrose

An artist and a litigator: They found romance in Montrose

Litigation attorney Ryan Lindsay hadn't been in town long when he wandered one evening into the popular Montrose watering hole Meteor. That's where, in the fall of 2002, he met artist John Palmer and was immediately smitten. Palmer was a bit slower to feel the heat of hot romance. 

"It took some convincing for him to feel the same way about me," Ryan e-mailed. "His head just wasn't there yet — but I was convinced that we had to be together." 

So began the delicate dance of courtship with Ryan definitely in the driver's seat. Ryan continued his law career, which at that point meant clerking in the 310th District Court. John went on with his artistic endeavors that kept him often on the road for art shows and gallery openings. It seems that those absences actually did make the heart grow fonder. After a stint away studying in Cadaques, Spain (home of Salvador Dali), John realized that there was a strong and valuable bond between them. When he returned to Houston in the summer of 2003, the partnership became rock solid.

The two were in New York in September 2006 for one of John's shows, when, during a stroll through Central Park, Ryan went down on his knee and proposed. ''In lieu of a diamond ring, he got two diamond cufflinks," Ryan reminisced.

A year later, the men celebrated their union in what they call a "traditional" ceremony at the Lovett Inn. But that was just the start of their wedded bliss. On July 4, 2008, they tied the knot legally in Toronto, Canada, and again the following July 4 in Provincetown, Mass. "We have tentative plans to keep getting married once a year — in whichever state or country that welcomes us!" he e-mailed. "The fact that we picked our nation's Independence Day for these legal unions was not a coincidence."

Last February, Ryan gave up his legal career with a prosperous firm to join John in his art business. That meant saying goodbye to a "large salary," bonus, 401K plan and group health insurance in exchange for the dream of working together to grow John's career as a successful artist.

You can keep up with John's career and Ryan's interests at their blog, which is updated regularly.

News_Shelby_Romance_ohn Palmer_Ryan Lindsay_Wedding on Aisle
John Palmer and Ryan Lindsay were legally married in Toronto, Canada, in 2008.
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Ryan Lindsay and John Palmer at Niagara Falls