Billionaire's Wild Mardi Gras

A billionaire's wild Mardi Gras bash, Brian Cushing's foodie birthday party & fashion power rock the scene

A billionaire's wild party and Brian Cushing's foodie bday make waves

If you thought Tilman Fertitta had a winner with last year's San Luis Salute to Galveston Mardi Gras, get ready for the uber-party meister to go one even better when the doors to his annual extravaganza open on Feb. 28. And if you haven't already made your reservations fugetaboutit! That is unless, of course, you have Fertitta's private line.

The gala for 1,200 Mardi Gras revelers sold out more than two months in advance, so invitations aren't even being printed except for the 200 or so Fertitta insiders, who will bring total attendance to close to 1,400. And that's good news for the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston which is beneficiary each year. A dollar saved, you know, a dollar earned.

Since 1997, Paige and Tilman Fertitta have been rocking party traditions with their annual Mardi Gras bash, now held at the Galveston Island Convention Center at the San Luis Resort.

Birthday feasting

At 6-foot-3 and weighing in at 249 pounds, Houston Texan linebacker Brian Cushing is not the kind of hunk you would expect to see in a trendy Korean/Japanese restaurant. But Nara is the West Ave hot spot that the defensive captain selected to celebrate his 27th birthday. And there was more than enough protein on the menu to satisfy even an NFL appetite.

Cushing and his wife, Megan, pregnant with their second child, enjoyed a hefty feast. They ordered Nara's steamed buns, rice cake two ways, open-faced soup dumplings,Texas T Kobe short ribs and a Kobe New York Strip. The Cushings also indulged in Nara's specialty sushi rolls and nigiri, including Otoro (Bluefin tuna belly), flown in from Spain earlier that day. 

On their way out, they stopped for hellos and photos with Nara owner/chef Donald Chang.

Hilfiger at Cheeky Vintage

Long known as a popular source for big name fashion designers, Cheeky Vintage was on Tommy Hilfiger's radar once again last week when reps from the all-American designer dropped by. Designers for his women's collection picked up several things for inspiration including vintage pieces from the '50s through the '80s with geometric prints, stripes, bright colors and mod designs with pleating and interesting stitching details.

That, of course, has owners Tina Davis and Denise Hazen over the moon. Just as last year, the duo is headed to New York in March for the Manhattan Vintage clothing show in hopes of attracting visits by more designers.

Sight 'ems

Power breakfasting on a recent morning at the bacon-and-eggs hot spot Harry's Restaurant on Tuam a heavy-hitter crowd including State Rep. Sylvester Turner, Paul Hobby, State Rep. Garnet Coleman, former city council members Sue Lovell and Gordon Quan, city council member Robert Gallegos, Mayor Parker's director of external affairs Jenn Char, Yellow Cab president Roman Martinez, Cindy Clifford and Jason Fuller . . . 

Publicist Judy Nichols celebrating her birthday at Brasserie 19 where BFF Mary Jane Zummo hosted. Applauding Judy and her birthday tower of pink cotton candy with sparkler were pals Linda Riehl, Brenda Cheney, Beverley Zummo, Lilli Braniff, Events' new owner Regina Garcia, Nancy Arreguin, Alice Weiser-Berkman and Houston magazine's Peter Remington . . .

A crowd for dinner in Tony's bar including Patsy and Greg Fourticq, Barbara and Charles Hurwitz and Shara Fryer and Barry Silverman and in the dining room Nancy and Bob Carney hosting Cody Hartley, director of curatorial affairs for the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, N.M. . . .

Robert Duvall having dinner with Danny Davis, Joaquin Jackson, Rooster McConaughey and Tom and Ryland Pirtle at Darla Lexington's Corner Table.

News_022_San Luis Salute_February 2012_Paige Fertitta_Tilman Fertitta_Blayne Fertitta.jpg
Paige and Tilman Fertitta and their daughter, Blayne, at the 2013 San Luis Salute. The 2014 Mardi Gras bash sold out two months in advance. Paige Fertitta , Tilman Fertitta , Blayne Fertitta Photo by © Michelle Watson/
Brian Cushing birthday party at Nara January 2014
Nara chef/owner Donald Chang welcomes Houston Texan Brian Cushing who celebrated his 27th birthday. Courtesy photo
Ali Kahn, left, and Tina Davis, right at Cheeky Vintage
Ali Khan, left, selects a dress with the help of Cheeky Vintage co-owner Tina Davis. Courtesy photo
Brentwood luncheon, June 2012, Sylvester Turner
State Rep. Sylvester Turner one of the heavy-hitters among the power breakfast crowd at Harry's Restaurant.  Sylvester Turner Photo by Bryant Magee