Sheer Poetry

Shelby's naming names — again — in New Year's rhyming game featuring Houston notables

Sheer Poetry: Shelby's naming names again in New Year's rhyming game

T'was the night before New Year's, when all through the town

The populace celebrated, t'was nary a frown.

With oil prices sinking, we keep spirits high

As construction cranes everywhere soar to the sky.

Borlenghi and Hines, Trammell Crow and Martin Fein

They expand across the city with topnotch design.

Then, in a twinkling, on to fashion we move

Alex Knight, David Peck, Chloe Dao in their groove.

Elaine Turner, Katie Decker, Wayne Smith, Kendra Scott

Their creations exciting, their sales are red hot.

The movers and shakers, they come and they go

But H-Town philanthropists seem to seldom say no.

Laura and John Arnold, Nancy Kinder and Rich

their giving is generous with never a glitch.

Thank you John Eddie and Sheridan Williams,

the Havens, the Tudors —their gifts total billions.

The Machs, the Cockrells, Lester Smith and wife Sue,

They give so generously, we must cheer woo-hoo!

All across town, the players do good

while whooping it up as only they could.

Becca and John Thrash, Lucinda Loya and Javier,

Lynn Wyatt, Tilman Fertitta, and, yes, my dear,

The parties they give are a visitor's delight

With good causes celebrated well into the night.

The only problem here is getting across town

as the holes in the streets will slow your car down.

The potholes are growing at ridiculous speed

those running for mayor had better take heed.

But sure to make it to each evening's delight 

is a host of Houstonians with auras so bright.

Shepherd Ross, Erin Hicks and Claire Cormier-Thielke,

Jeff Shell, Jared Lang and Joshua Willoughby.

Bruce Padilla, Katy Caldwell, Cal and Hannah McNair,

Mandy Kao, Michael Mithoff, Roz PactorAlex Blair.

We love how they party with spirits so high

From weddings to birthdays to heartfelt good-byes.

Ceron and Todd Fiscus, they showed us the way

To marriages blissful for both straight and for gay.

The Mayor and her partner shared their vows as well

As did Scott Sawyer and Barry Mandel.

Add to the lovebirds Kevin Bryant and Lily Jang.

For soon enough, their wedding bells will clang.

Now our hip young professionals, they partied each night

Working hard to keep H-town very merry and bright.

Rosemarie Johnson, Divya Brown and her husband Chris,

Mark Sullivan, Jacquie Baly — they party with bliss.

Lisa Gochman, Stuart Rosenberg and Montrice Malone,

Francine Ballard, Joyce Echols and Lia Vallone,

Jared LeBlanc, Luba Bigman, Jonathan Zadok and Michelle,

Maidie Ryan, Magen Pastor, Reyne Hirsch — they're all really swell.

And as this year ends and a new one begins,

We cannot forget our myriad friends.

Audrey Cochran, Ting Bresnahan and her husband John,

The Mafriges  — Rocky, Mauney and Don.

Pierce Bush, Vivian Wise and Bethany Buchanan,

Kristi Schiller, Kristy Bradshaw and Elizabeth Allen.

Neal Hamil, Hiram Butler and Fady Armanious.

How they all get along, how all so harmonious.

Beth Muecke, Amy Lee, Chris Shepherd, Lindsey Brown,

Jessica Rossman, Gordon Bethune, they all get around.

Randy Powers, Roseanne Rogers and Megan Sutton-Reed

Shelley Reeves, Robin Reimer — all running at high speed.

And so as each year, I run out of steam,

Though the names could be coming in a long, steady stream.

But this party isn't over so hang on, my dear,

For there's still a chance you'll be named here next year. 

Out with the old and in with the new,

Happy New Year from the CultureMap team to you!

39 Jonathan Zadok and Michelle Lewis at the Zadok Holiday Party December 2013
Jonathan and Michelle Zadok are among the upcoming generation of movers and shakers. Photo by Kasey Meier
84 Gordon Bethune and Jessica Rossman at the World AIDS Day luncheon.
Gordon Bethune and Jessica Rossman know a thing or two about living large. Photo by © Gary Fountain
Bobby and Phoebe Tudor at the Houston Ballet Ball February 2014
Bobby and Phoebe Tudor are at the forefront of giving in Houston. Photo by © Fulton Davenport/PWL Studio
Ceron and Todd Fiscus at their wedding in New York
The New York wedding of Ceron and Todd Fiscus a 2014 night to remember. Photo by Shelby Hodge
News_Memorial Hermann dinner_March 2012_Terri Havens_John Havens
Owners of Cal-a-Vie Spa and part owners of the Astros, Terri and John Havens are among the city's top philanthropists. Terri Havens , John Havens Photo by © Michelle Watson/
Alison 100 Lindsey Brown Chris Shepherd Underbelly
Lindsey Brown and Chris Shepherd — a power couple making their mark in the culinary world. Photo by Eric Sandler
034_Party in Pink, Hotel ZaZa, July 2012, Bethany Buchanan, Megan Pastor
Fashion bloggers Bethany Buchanan, left, and Megan Pastor. Bethany Buchanan , Megan Pastor Photo by © Chinh Phan/
Kevin Bryant and Lily Jang engagement in carriage at Discovery Green December 2014
Kevin Bryant and Lily Jang became engaged in 2014. Photo courtesy of © Quy Tran Photography