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A giant craft beer expansion in Houston: Second largest growing brewery in U.S. gets even bigger

Karbach Brewing Co. rendering for new tap house December 2013 THIS WITH WHITE SPACE SO ENTIRE BUILDING IS IN PIC
Karbach will build this $15 million dollar facility to double its capacity.  Rendering courtesy of Karbach Brewing Co.
News_Karbach Brewing Co._brewmaster_Eric Warner
Brewmaster Eric Warner is pleased that Karbach will continue to operate inside the city of Houston.  Photo via Karbach Brewing Co./Facebook
Karbach Brewing Co. beer cans
Houstonians have embraced Karbach's production, helping it become America's second-fastest growing craft brewery.  Karbach Brewing Co./Facebook
Karbach Brewing Co. rendering for new tap house December 2013 THIS WITH WHITE SPACE SO ENTIRE BUILDING IS IN PIC
News_Karbach Brewing Co._brewmaster_Eric Warner
Karbach Brewing Co. beer cans

Karbach Brewing Company is building a new brewery adjacent to its current facility in Northwest Houston. When it opens in 2015, the new facility will allow the local brewer to double its present capacity to 60,000 barrels annually.

"We’re very happy that we are able to grow without relocating entirely," brewmaster Eric Warner said in a statement. "From an operations standpoint, this allows us to insure quality and consistency during the expansion, and it also allows us to be fully committed to development in the city of Houston."

 Saint Arnold began serving lunch at the brewery this year, and Karbach looks poised to offer something similar.  

Although it only started in 2011, Karbach has seen exponential growth. According to The New Yorker, the brewery produced 674 barrels in 2011 and more than 8,100 barrels in 2012; that makes it the second fastest growing craft brewery in America. Karbach tells the Chronicle that it's set to produce 30,000 barrels between September 2013 and August of 2014, which is half of what Saint Arnold will produce in 2013.  

In addition to the new facility allowing Karbach to match Saint Arnold's current production, Karbach's new brewery will also feature an expanded tap room, private event space and kitchen. Saint Arnold began serving lunch at the brewery this year, and Karbach looks poised to offer something similar.  

All this confirms what anyone who's seen people lining up at Spec's to score the latest rare beer release already knows. Craft beer is here. It's growing. Get used to it.

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