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Details make the chef: National magazine loves this Houston restaurant's amazing cheese

Kevin Naderi, Roost Restaurant Houston
Roost chef Kevin Naderi Photo by © Billy Knox
Roost Restaurant Houston, interior, crowd, diners
Roost Photo by © Billy Knox
Kevin Naderi, Roost Restaurant Houston
Roost Restaurant Houston, interior, crowd, diners

Sometimes the icing on the cake is literally the icing on the cake. Or the butter on the bread, the lox on the bagel, the queso on the burrito. The right topping or spread can make a meal go from meh to amazing, and according to Details magazine one of the best examples of that is in Houston.

Details rounded up a handful of amazing spreads, including the pimiento cheese made by Kevin Naderi at Roost with Shiner Bock-infused cheddar and Tabasco. What's interesting though is that while the list includes Sean Brock's awesome-sounding honey-infused pork butter at Charleston's Husk, there's no mention of the constantly changing infused butters that accompany the popular bread service at Roost.

I mean, props to Details for highlighting Roost's pimiento cheese, but is there anything better in the world than foie gras butter? I think not.

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