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A Twin Peaks breastaurant counter: Upper Kirby finally gets girlie (and spicy) with new bistro

nosh bistro
Nosh Bistro has taken the sliver of a space adjacent to Allegiance Bank. Photo by Sarah Rufca
nosh bistro shrimp
Photo by Sarah Rufca
Nosh Bistro Houston, interior
Nosh Bistro's pretty interiors were designed by Patidar. Nosh Bistro/Facebook
nosh bistro
The addictive Nosh "fries"  Photo by Sarah Rufca
nosh bistro
nosh bistro shrimp
Nosh Bistro Houston, interior
nosh bistro

With both Twin Peaks and Hooters within a stone's throw of intersection of Kirby Drive and Highway 59, it's about time that Upper Kirby got a space designed for the fairer sex.

Enter Nosh Bistro, a stylish purple sliver of a space tucked to the side of Allegiance Bank. While "purple" is definitely the dominant design theme, it's kept tasteful with darkly brocaded walls and slightly iridescent studded grey chairs, including a couple oversize chairs meant to seat two whose unlikely proportions give a whimsical Alice in Wonderland feel.

 With this feminine space and a spacious, wrap-around patio featuring a canopy of oak trees and a fire pit, it's easy to picture Nosh as a place for sips. 

Owner Neera Patidar and executive chef Carlos Gonzalez are serving Patidar's version of comfort food, a melange of flavors that Patidar describes as "modern food with an East Asian flair, focusing on Singapore, Korean, Indian and Thai flavors."

While not executed as expertly as Jet Hurapan's menu at Blu in Sugar Land, Nosh does present some pleasant surprises, including a sharable "angry" shrimp plate that includes caper berries and whole jalepeño peppers for a flavorful heat, ingenious Nosh "fries," or thick strips of breaded and fried shrimp and mushroom that are totally addictive, as well as saffron-spiced donut balls for dessert.

But with this feminine space and a spacious, wrap-around patio featuring a canopy of oak trees and a fire pit, it's easier to picture Nosh as a place for sips, especially with the white-tiled bar front and center. Patidar and bar manager Jason LaBove, last seen at Coppa, have designed a champagne-friendly cocktail menu mixing bubbly, sake, and other non-spirits with fresh juices.

Noshing on some spicy bar bites and sipping cocktails with friends instead of sitting in rush hour traffic? Now that's an idea.

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