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Another Main Restaurant Closure

Another restaurant on Main suddenly shutters: A "cursed" location?

Worhals bar Houston
Photo courtesy of Margaret Weymer
Worhals bar Houston
Worhals seemed like a good idea, but the bar has already closed.  Photo courtesy of Margaret Weymer
Worhals bar Houston
Worhals bar Houston

When it opened in September, Worhals seemed like such a good idea. Combine the hot trend of craft beer with a location in the recently rejuvenated Midtown at the former Sammy's space at 2016 Main. Throw in live music and plentiful food options to create someplace that should have been a destination.

Apparently, it was not. No one's answering the phone, and the bar's Facebook page has disappeared. Houston Press's Rocks Off blog tweeted that the bar has closed.

What went wrong? One might be tempted to write off 2016 Main as another one of Houston's cursed spaces, but there are probably less mystical forces at work. One clue might be found in CultureMap's first look at the bar, where owner Bob Tatum cited his ability to repair bicycle tires as part of Worhals's appeal. It wasn't. 

The only thing left to wonder about is what happens to all the leftover beer. Sure, it probably goes back to the distributors, but it's fun to imagine someone's Thanksgiving dinner getting a boost from rare Saint Arnold, Karbach or Buffalo Bayou beers. 

Meanwhile, craft beer drinkers in Midtown can turn to a variety of options, including the venerable Little Woodrow's, the stylish Mongoose versus Cobra and newcomer 3rd Floor, to get their fix. 

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