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Liberty Kitchen holidays pies
Liberty Kitchen offers a diverse array of pies, cakes, and cobblers. Photo by Debora Smail
General public butterscotch pie
Try butterscotch pie from The General Public. Photo by Jessica Sepkowitz
2 House of Pies reopens after fire April 2014
House of Pies has options for every taste bud. Photo by Eric Sandler
Triniti pecan pie
Get this pecan pie at Triniti for only $24. Photo by Jase Westeen
Petite Sweets pies
Let Petite Sweets provide your dessert this Thanksgiving.  Photo by Julie Soefer
line for Thanksgiving pies at the Flying Saucer November 2013
Fans of Flying Saucer Pie Company are content to wait in the rain for their Thanksgiving pies, as this 2013 photo indicates. Photo by Vicente Arenas/KHOU 11 News
Weights Measures chocolate bourbon pecan pie
Order a chocolate bourbon pecan pie at Weights + Measures by Sunday. Photo by Becca Wright