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Black Hole Coffee Shop peanut butter cookies
Black Hole Coffee Shop's cookie selection changes frequently, but they're always good. Black Hole Coffee Shop/Facebook
RDG + Bar Annie rich chocolate chip cookies with powdered sugar
Joel Luks says that RDG + Bar Annie's rich chocolate chip cookies with powdered sugar are the best in the city.  Photo by Daniel Barrett
Michael's Cookie Jar bright icing sugar cookies
At Michael's Cookie Jar, the decorated cookies are the star of the show.  Michael's Cookie Jar/Google
Fluff Bake Bar sandwich cookies
Fluff Bake Bar's signature fluffer nutters are about as good as cookies get. Fluff Bake Bar/Google
Grand Lux chocolate chip pecan cookies
Grand Lux Cafe's sells its chocolate chip pecan cookies by the dozen. Perfect for taking back to the office after lunch. Photo by Jenifer Tedesco
Three Brothers Bakery gingerbread cookies with sprinkles on a plate
Can't go wrong with a gingerbread man at Three Brothers Bakery. Three Brothers Bakery/Facebook
Chocolate chip cookies at Tiny Boxwoods
Tiny Boxwoods makes perfect chocolate chip cookies. Pinterest.com
Paulie's chocolate chip cookies with chocolate drizzle
Try Paulie's chocolate chip cookies at the OKRA Charity Saloon, where they're baked to order.  Paulie's/Google
cookies, Pondicheri, chocolate oatmeal chili cookies
Sweet, spicy, crunchy: Pondicheri's chocolate oatmeal chili cookies work on all levels. Pondicheri/Facebook