Holiday Gift Shopping Begins

For the person who has everything, how about an $80 box of Christmas cupcakes?

For the person who has everything, why not an $80 box of cupcakes?

Crave Holiday Cupcakes
Starting December 1, Crave cupcakes will ship a dozen cupcakes up to 450 miles from Houston.  Courtesy of Crave Cupcakes

Oh sure, it's barely October and the first fall chill has just settled over Houston, but it's never too early to start planning those Christmas presents, is it? At least, Crave Cupcakes certainly hopes not. 

Beginning Dec. 1, the company will begin to ship cupcakes up to 450 miles away. The cost? A somewhat eye-watering $80 for the fancy, Christmas-themed cupcakes pictured above or $60 for three other options that are topped with regular frosting. Without shipping, individual cupcakes at Crave's two locations are $3.50 each or $39 per dozen. 

Although the price seems kind of steep, Team CultureMap devoured a box of Christmas cupcakes that showed up to the office. If that reaction is typical, anyone who sends the splurgy gift is likely to find that the recipient enjoys it.  

Sure, most people haven't even decided on a Halloween costume yet, but better to knock out that Christmas shopping now, right?