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MangiaMacheroni Sicily peppers
Felipe Riccio tempts with this photo and comment, "The Spanish ruled sicily in the 16th century; the House of Aragon imported squash, chocolate, tomatoes & peppers." Photo by Felipe Riccio/Facebook
Great Ramen Challenge IKEA
Lyle Bento served his winning Korean style ramen at the Great Ramen Challenge. Try it this Sunday.  Photo by Joel Luks
Mangiamaccheroni artwork September 2013
MangiaMacheroni Sicily should attract an industry heavy crowd to sample fresh made pastas.  Artwork by Hayley Wallace
Houston foodie events September 2013 NACE Golden Noodle Competition macaroni and cheese in a pot
The NACE Golden Noodle Competition features 11 competitors in three categories. Golden Noodle Mac and Cheese Competition/Facebook
Houston foodie events September 2013 Iron Sommelier September 2013 logo
At the Iron Sommelier competition, some of Houston's top professionals will pour rare wines to impress the judges.  Iron Sommerlier/Facebook
Houston foodie events September 2013 Dirt Bar '80s prom event September 2013
Dirt Bar will host its annual '80s Prom this Friday. 100% of vodka sales will go to charity. Dirt Bar/Facebook
Houston foodie events September 2013 3 The Depressed Cake Shop
At the Depressed Cake Shop, buy grey color baked goods to benefit The Montrose Center and raise awareness about depression. Photo by Eric Sandler