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Racism On Washington Ave?

More racism on Washington Ave? 'Black girls' restaurant check creates an uproar, fuels area's rep

Bubba's Bar & Grill black girls receipt September 2014
A server at Bubba's on Washington upset two customers when he referred to them as "black girls" on a receipt.  KPRC Local 2 Houston/Twitter
The act doesn't appear to have been done with ill intent, but it did stir up memories of previous racist incidents at other Washington establishments.  Photo by Katie Oxford
Bubba's Bar & Grill black girls receipt September 2014

A server's shortcut to keep track of his tables has Houston social media in an uproar, focusing attention once again on alleged racism on Washington Avenue. 

Barnard Bradfield, a 19 year old African-American waiter at Bubba's on Washington, forgot the names of the women he was waiting on during a busy Saturday night service. He identified them as "black girls" on the check to keep track of the table.

"I was just trying to remember the ladies' names so I didn't, like, give them the wrong order or anything," Bradfield tells KPRC Ch. 2.

Although the manager tells KRPC the women accepted his explanation for Bradfield's mistake, a tweet showing the receipt sparked a social media firestorm. For some users, it brought up all the bad memories of other racist incidents on the Washington scene such as when two Houston Dynamo players were refused entry to Roosevelt and wound up in a scuffle with off-duty HPD officers.

Although the Roosevelt has closed, its former owner Saleem Fernandez denied allegations of racism in an interview with CultureMap about his Social Junkie sports bar. 

Kung Fu, which has locations in Houston, Austin and Dallas, was also forced to post its dress code after allegations of racism rocked its Dallas location. 

Saturday's incident at Bubba's may not appear to contain any outright malice, but management has still suspended Bradfield for a couple of weeks. 

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