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Montrose patio bar shakes off chef firing with inventive pop-up series featuring rising food stars

Joshua Martinez Chicken Ranch biscuits Boheme
Joshua Martinez will preview The Chicken Ranch's chicken and biscuits at Boheme September 9. Photo courtesy of Boheme
Junior Borges Boheme Uchi pork belly
Junior Borges of Uchi will serve this roasted pork belly with yolk custard, radishes and local greens on September 30. Photo courtesy of Boheme
Robby Chieko Cook Barringer Boheme
Robby and Chieko Cook of Barringer Bar will be on hand serving drinks.  Photo courtesy of Boheme
James Nelson Mastercraft Boheme ribs
Masterchef contestant James Nelson has created these ghost pepper and blueberry gochujang ribs for October 14. Photo courtesy of Boheme
Greg Lowry Triniti Boheme salisbury steak
Triniti's Greg Lowry serves salisburg steak September 23. Photo courtesy of Boheme
Amanda McGraw Boheme quail
On October 7, free agent chef Amanda McGraw will serve Moroccan spiced quail with Harissa aioli, and pomegranate with a side of bulgur and mint. Photo courtesy of Boheme
Joshua Martinez Chicken Ranch biscuits Boheme
Junior Borges Boheme Uchi pork belly
Robby Chieko Cook Barringer Boheme
James Nelson Mastercraft Boheme ribs
Greg Lowry Triniti Boheme salisbury steak
Amanda McGraw Boheme quail

Looking to turn the page from the abrupt firing of chef Rishi Singh, Montrose patio bar Boheme has announced a new weekly pop-up series that features a mix of established Houston chefs with some up-and-coming talent. Dubbed Takeover Tuesdays, the pop-ups will bring a little culinary cred back to Boheme while it searches for Singh's replacement.

The events kick off Sept. 9 with Joshua Martinez of upcoming restaurant The Chicken Ranch giving diners the first public preview of his fried chicken and biscuits. If that day sounds familiar, it's because we're hosting the latest edition of our popular CultureMap Social series that night at Boheme — tickets are available here

Matt Marcus of the Eatsie Boys will follow on Sept. 16, and CultureMap Tastemakers Best Rising Star Chef winner Greg Lowry of Triniti comes Sept. 23. The rest of the lineup is as follows:

Sept 30: Junior Borges, Uchi
Oct 7: Amanda McGraw, consulting chef for The Honeymoon and Siphon Coffee
Oct 14: James Nelson, Masterchef Season 4 contestant
Oct 21: Anthony Calleo, Pi Pizza Truck owner
Oct 28: Surprise guest chef

As for the drinks, since newly hired beverage director Hal Brock isn't coming on board until Sept. 9, Boheme has enlisted Robby and Chieko Cook of locked-out speakeasy Barringer Bar to create cocktails for the pop-ups. The first night's menu includes two original creations called The Barringer and The Flufer as well as their takes on two popular classics: The Old Fashioned and The Moscow Mule. 

Head to Boheme every Tuesday starting at 6 p.m. to get in on the fun. The event is nominally designated to run until 9 p.m., but get there early or risk the food being sold out.

After all, the future doesn't wait.

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