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Jinxed location? Short-lived River Oaks seafood restaurant gets the hook

Pesca World Seafood Restaurant Houston closed September 2013
Pesca World Seafood Restaurant Photo by Luis Garcia

After only eight months in business, Pesca: World Seafood has closed its location in the River Oaks Shopping Center. Radio host Cleverley Stone read an email from owner Alberto Alfonzo on her radio show Saturday that announced the closure. 

In a statement on Pesca's website, Alfonzo writes that "with a heavy heart and great disappointment I have to announce the closing of Pesca Seafood Restaurant."

Pesca is Alfonzo's second failed concept in the space; he closed tapas restaurant Tintos last December. At the time, he told Eater that Houstonians hadn't embraced the idea of sharing tapas. Despite employing a traditional appetizers and entrees menu, Pesca apparently failed to find an audience. The Houston Chronicle notes that recent online reviews complained about small portions and high prices, which may help explain some of the problems.

As for the future, Alfonzo promises "that you will see me soon somewhere in a new project," although he doesn't offer any specifics. 

Take to the comments section to share favorite memories of dining at Pesca. Or feel free to engage in idle speculation about what sort of restaurant should take over the space. 

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