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Quick change: Greatfull Taco closing and becoming a Torchy's as Austin owners move in

News_Torchy's Tacos
Torchy's Tacos in Austin Photo via 9bit00bz
News_Greatfull Taco
Greatfull Taco, which cribbed Torchy's style and menu, is closed. Photo via Devour Houston
News_Torchy's Tacos
News_Greatfull Taco

There has been some quick turnover at the restaurant space on South Shepherd between Westheimer and Fairview, but this might be a record. Greatfull Taco, the gourmet taco concept that opened in May, is shuttering — but not for long. Greatfull Taco owner Paul West and a Torchy's representative tell CultureMap the restaurant will be reborn as a Torchy's Tacos.

West's original idea all along was to open a Torchy's in the spot, according to Katharine Shilcutt, but he couldn't get the Austin owners to agree to a franchise or partnership. West instead created the quirky, offbeat Greatfull Taco with a menu that clearly owed a debt to Torchy's.

"They came and made me an offer I couldn't refuse," West says. "They are friends of mine and we talked about a partnership, but I think it's best if they do it."

Greatfull Taco is closed while the new owners make a few aesthetic changes, but Torchy's rep said that they plan to be open, "very soon" — in 60 to 90 days.

Will you miss Greatfull Taco? Are you excited that Torchy's is coming to Houston?

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