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Shocking twist: Hell's Kitchen winner cannot accept Gordon Ramsay's Vegas chef job

Houstonian wins Hell's Kitchen Ja'nel Witt
According to Hell's Kitchen's production company, the season 11 winner will not be claiming her prize.  Courtesy photo
Ja'Nel Witt IKEA Ramen Challenge
Ja'Nel Witt was all smiles at last night's Great Ramen Challenge. Photo by Joel Luks
Houstonian wins Hell's Kitchen Ja'nel Witt
Ja'Nel Witt IKEA Ramen Challenge

Hell's Kitchen winner Ja'Nel Witt, will not be assuming the role of head chef at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Las Vegas after all.  ITV Studios put up a surprising Facebook post about the Houstonian Friday.




It's a shocking turn of events. At last night's Great Ramen Challenge, Witt told CultureMap that, although she's still in "the process of moving," she would "start (her new job) as soon as I finish orientation, which is scheduled for Monday."

But less than 24 hours later, Witt took to Twitter to thank "HELL'S KITCHEN,Gordon Ramsay,Caesars Palace & my supportive fans for this amazing experience" but confirmed she would not be joining the team.



The Los Angeles Times reports that Hell's Kitchen runner up Mary Poehnelt will not replace Witt.

CultureMap has attempted to contact Witt to learn more about the "unforeseen personal circumstances" that led to the decision, but she has yet to respond. In the meantime, are there any Houston restaurants looking for a talented, media-savvy chef who can withstand being yelled at in public?

Looks like one is available.

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