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Chef roulette: Jason Hauck exits Soma and hits the road

Chef roulette: Jason Hauck exits Soma and hits the road

News_Sarah_Feb. 2010_Soma_Chef Jason Hauck_head shot
Jason Hauck is taking a break after two years at Soma.

Add another name to the ranks of Houston's talented and unemployed chefs. Soma, the hybrid sushi/French-Asian fusion restaurant has confirmed that Jason Hauck has left his post as executive chef.

"The culinary program at Soma is set up, it has a firm backbone," Hauck said in a phone interview. "Now that it's summer I decided to take some time and make up for lost time with friends and family, traveling and eating around Texas."

In his free time, Hauck can be found helping out at two food trucks run by Josh Martinez, The Modular and the new Party Fowl, in addition to a few other short term projects. Hauck says his long-term plan is to open his own restaurant in town.

"I've gone into restaurants and revamped the program, I've opened restaurants and established the culinary program, so I'm in tune with what it takes to open a restaurant properly," says Hauck.

Will you miss Hauck's deft touch at Soma? Are there any chefs left in restaurants, or are they all hanging out in food trucks now?