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A Houston restaurant institution spills its Tex-Mex secrets on network TV

Molina's Filming, Couple, June 2012
The Chew's Evette Rios (right) talks with some Molina's customers. Photo by Karen Burd
Molina's Filming, Close Up, June 2012
Evette Rios tastes a dish alonside third-generation owner Ricardo Molina. Photo by Karen Burd
Molina's Filming, Broad Shot, June 2012
Photo by Karen Burd
Molina's Filming, Couple, June 2012
Molina's Filming, Close Up, June 2012
Molina's Filming, Broad Shot, June 2012

It's been two months since Evette Rios from ABC's The Chew brought a camera crew to Molina's, and now we can see what she found.

Rios spoke to third-generation owner Ricardo Molinas and second-generation owner Raul Molinas — the restaurant has been family-owned for three generations and 71 years —as well as many customers who described the restaurant as their favorite, including one married couple who confessed that Molina's was the location of their first date.

Ricardo Molina even gave Rios a very necessary lesson about chile con carne as he showed her how they make the Enchiladas de Tejas.

When Rios asked if there were beans in the chile con carne, Molina gave it to her straight:

"No, absolutely not. Chile con carne is a true Tex-Mex dish, originated in the state of Texas. It has no beans and no tomato." Yes, amen, someone please put it on a bumper sticker. "We can't claim that we invented it, but we think we perfected it," Molina added of the family's Tex-Mex tradition.

Early lunch crowds at all three Molina's locations watched the video live, but if you missed it you can check it out below.

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