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Master chef's determined to wow during Houston Restaurant Weeks: This menu is more than sweet

60 Degrees Mastercrafted Strawberries
Strawberries taste better after a little flambe.  Photo by Joel Luks
Eric Sandler, Vanesa Trevino Boyd, Fritz Gitschner, 60 Degrees Mastercrafted, Houston Restaurant Weeks 2014, menu
Chef Fritz Gitschner, left, with Eric Sandler and sommelier Vanessa Trevino Boyd.  Photo by Joel Luks

In this week's Houston Restaurant Weeks video, we pay a visit to 60 Degrees Mastercrafted. As it heads towards its first birthday in November, the restaurant is finding an audience thanks to chef Fritz Gitschner's farm to table cuisine and sommelier Vanessa Trevino Boyd's creative wine list.

60 Degrees is serving a $20, three-course lunch and a $45, four-course dinner. The restaurant will donate $3 and $7 respectively to the Houston Food Bank for each lunch and dinner ordered.

 No one's advocating the return of the three-martini lunch, but a little wine will make any afternoon more pleasant. 

Recognizing the value of a good deal, the video above presents some of the lunch options.

Yes, it includes a burger (not the $200 one — rather a more classic take made with the Akaushi beef that's one of the restaurant's signature items). However, in the video we're showing the chicken piccata in a classic lemon caper sauce and a blackened sea bass served over roasted red bell pepper ragout. To start, consider the house-smoked salmon or chopped salad.

Gitschner is Houston's only certified master chef, and one aspect of the title means that he's equally adept at sweet and savory dishes. Desserts at 60 Degrees are not to be missed, particularly the mini pecan balls or flambeed strawberries.

For her part, Trevino-Boyd has suggested by the glass pairings for every dish, including sparking roses for each lunchtime appetizer. No one's advocating the return of the three-martini lunch, but a little wine will make any afternoon more pleasant. Check it out — the Houston Restaurant Weeks menu is available through Sept. 1. 

Had any really great or really bad HRW experiences? Let us know in the comments. 

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