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That's amore: Da Marco named one of nation's top Italian restaurants by Zagat & USA Today

Da Marco has long been considered one of the best restaurants in Houston, but could it be one of the best Italian restaurants in the country as well?

USA Today asked the editors of the Zagat guides to look at Italian cuisine, rate the most popular dining genre across the country, and compile a list of the best Italian restaurants in each of the 22 largest markets.

Of all the excellent restaurants that made the list — including New York's esteemed Marea and Obelisk in Washington, D.C. — Houston's Da Marco was ranked by Zagat reviewers as having the highest food quality, most recently earning a 29 out of 30 score in that category, with slightly lower marks for decor and service.

USA Today wrote:

Da Marco whips up 'memorable meals with sublime homemade pastas and amazing things with truffles in an intimate setting tended by a knowledgeable staff,' Zagat and its reviewers say."

It's an assessment that Houston Zagat voters seem to agree with, since it was also named the No. 1 Most Popular restaurant in Houston.

What's your favorite Italian restaurant in Houston?

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