Best Burger in America

Texas favorite wins best burger in America in national contest and we're not surprised

Texas favorite wins best burger in America in national contest

Whataburger burger french fries
According to a poll that is totally correct, this burger is the best in the country. Courtesy photo

In what is surely no surprise to Texans, a burger from Texas won a national contest pitting 32 burgers from around the country.

Fast Company magazine did a week-long bracket to determine the all-important issue of which restaurant chain serves the most delicious burger in America. The magazine collected 32 contenders: Eight each from the East Coast, West Coast, South and Midwest.

Texas-based Whataburger won against them all.

The list included longtime chains such as McDonald's and Burger King as well as upstart chains such as Five Guys and the hip new Umami Burger. In a play that has no doubt earned them copious clicks (including ours!), the magazine put it to a public vote, which began on July 20 and ended on July 24.

Whataburger was judged on its original burger featuring a beef patty with mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and diced onions. That the Texas-based chain would beat generic entries such as Mickey D's hardly seems a surprise. That it would also beat popular regional chains such as Krystal and White Castle is inspirational.

But its win against overly hyped burger joints such as In-N-Out and Shake Shack, which has expressed an interest in coming to Houston, is a victory that tastes as sweet as one of its fried cherry pies.

Fast Company is a business magazine that focuses on technology, business, and design. Nothing there about food, but it seems they've discovered that burgers generate traffic. Since Whataburger won, we'll let it slide.