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New restaurant tips: Affordable spots for everything from great pizza to osso buco

Sarah Rufca, CultureMap Moment, July 2012
CultureMap's Sarah Rufca can tell you all about the town's culinary hot spots. Courtesy of KHOU Houston/Channel 11

Ask Sarah Rufca, CultureMap's resident gourmand, where to find the most perfectly-charred pizza (inside the Loop or out), the tastiest crêpes or the most succulent osso buco, and she'll begin rattling off restaurants until your head spins.

She'll also list the merits of each dish and the credentials of each chef, from memory. This girl knows the Houston food scene like the back of her hand. 

So it's no surprise that Rufca had an arsenal of new and notable local restaurants to share with Ron Trevino on KHOU Morning News' CultureMap Moment segment on Thursday — just in time for the anchor's 30-year anniversary with the station.

Watch the full recommendations below for tips on where to find fresh juice or affordable tapas, laid-back French fare or family-friendly dining.  

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