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Presidential BBQ

President Obama makes one last pit stop at famed BBQ restaurant before leaving Texas

Obama stops at Franklin Barbecue Austin
President Obama stopped at Franklin Barbecue on Thursday afternoon.  Photo by Arden Ward
Obama Stops at Franklins
Barricades and officers line the perimeter of 11th Street. Courtesy of Katie Friel
Obama stops at Franklin Barbecue Austin
Onlookers await the arrival President Obama. Photo by Arden Ward
Obama stops at Franklin Barbecue Austin
Obama Stops at Franklins
Obama stops at Franklin Barbecue Austin

News of Franklin Barbecue has officially made it all the way to the White House.

After a speech at the Paramount Theatre in the state capital Thursday afternoon, President Obama made his way to the famed East Austin barbecue joint before leaving town on Air Force One. At around 1:40 p.m., the presidential motorcade pulled up to the East 11th Street restaurant to cheers from curious onlookers.

POTUS picked up the tab for those in line behind him, according to news reports. 

After jumping out of the armored car, Obama spent a few moments greeting folks waiting in Franklin's famed line. (Though it's getting close to closing time, we imagine the butcher paper "Sold Out" sign does not apply to the ruler of the free world.) KXAN is reporting that POTUS picked up the tab for those in line behind him.

Obama did hint at his lunch plans during today's speech saying, ""Everyone knows I love Austin, Texas," he said. "I love the barbecue."

Praise is nothing new for the east side restaurant. In addition to being named the best BBQ joint in Texas by Texas Monthly, it also claims the spot of best barbecue in the country by Bon Appetit. To read more about Franklin's pitmaster Aaron Franklin (and find out about some of his favorite local haunts) check out "A night out with an Austin legend: 3 beers with Aaron Franklin."

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