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One of Houston's best barbecue joints is taking a summer vacation, but they'll be back

Corkscrew BBQ, barbecue, food truck
CorkScrew will always have a line, but a new pit will delay the inevitable sell-outs. Photo by Ruthie Johnson Miller
Houston Barbecue Festival, March 2013, Will Buckman of Corkscrew BBQ
Pitmaster Will Buckman hopes the new Oyler smoker will help him get some sleep. Photo by Danny Kamin
CorkScrew BBQ barbecue brisket
CorkScrew's brisket is among the best in the Houston area. Photo by Joe Go
Corkscrew BBQ, barbecue, food truck
Houston Barbecue Festival, March 2013, Will Buckman of Corkscrew BBQ
CorkScrew BBQ barbecue brisket

Over the past couple of years, CorkScrew BBQ in Spring has emerged as one of the Houston area's most highly-regarded barbecue joints, earning a spot in CultureMap's list of Houston's 10 best list and a highly coveted spot on the Texas Monthly top 50. Of course, with fame comes crowds, and, despite a couple of expansions, Corkscrew routinely sells out of food by 2 p.m. 

Now owners Will and Nichole Buckman are stepping things up with another expansion. In order to install the new pit and spend some time with their children, CorkScrew announced on Facebook last night that it will close from Aug. 3 to Aug. 25. 




In an interview with TMBBQ, Buckman predicts that the new smoker will allow him a break from his current schedule of monitoring the pit from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. ""With the new Oyler pit, it should get better," Buckman explains. "They say it can run for fourteen hours unassisted, but I don’t really trust those numbers. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be able to get some sleep at night."

Thankfully, CorkScrew will return Aug. 26 with a newly installed, freshly seasoned pit. Hopefully, the newly expanded capacity will allow for later sell-outs and pre-sales. After all, more barbecue of CorkScrew's quality is always a good thing. 

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