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Restaurant Stays Open

Not so fast! Critic-loved restaurant that announced plans to close is rising again — at least for now

Osteria Mazzantini interior with crowd
Osteria Mazzantini won't be closing after service on Saturday. Osteria Mazzantini/Facebook

Things have officially taken a turn for the bizarre in the Osteria Mazzantini story. Chef/owner John Sheely, who told CultureMap on Tuesday his Galleria-area restaurant would have its final service on Saturday, now says that isn't the case.

"We are staying open. No further comments. Thanks," he wrote in a text message Thursday.

What of the proposal to bring a new restaurant to the space called Ruggles Kitchen under the direction of former Corner Table chef Bruce Molzan? CultureMap once again contacted Federico Marques of Green Cafe Management but has yet to receive a reply. 

Is this the difference between a restaurant being all dead and only mostly dead

We'll continue to follow the various twists and turns in this ongoing saga. In the meantime, the restaurant's fans should probably head there this weekend. Maybe they can save it.

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