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Buzzed Over Steakhouse Dead

Steakhouse from Houston meat masters fizzles: Chef plans New Orleans-style cafe instead

Ricky Craig, Hubcap Grill, hamburger, burger
Ricky Craig tweeted Thursday night that he's moving forward with a new concept for the lot that was to become CK's Steakhouse. Photo by © Chuck Cook/Flickr
CK's Steakhouse Shine Car Care Hubcap Grill Ricky Craig
Permitting and construction delays pushed back CK's, so now it will be a New Orleans-inspired restaurant.  Photo by Eric Sandler
Ricky Craig, Hubcap Grill, hamburger, burger
CK's Steakhouse Shine Car Care Hubcap Grill Ricky Craig

Looks like another vaporware restaurant has gone up in smoke. With a series of tweets Thursday night, Hubcap Grill owner Ricky Craig put the final nail in the coffin of CK's Steakhouse, his planned joint venture with Ronnie Killen.  



Reached for comment, Craig tells CultureMap that "I've waited patiently for a year . . . the last time I talked to (Killen), he said if I couldn't wait he understood. I can't go on 'a chance.'" 

"News to me," Killen responded via text when asked for comment. "He's opening a new place in Kemah. Oh well."

With Killen reportedly working with Reef chef/owner Bryan Caswell on a venture known as the Montrose Meat Market that would feature Killen's barbecue, Craig says he's decided to move forward with a lease and option to purchase the CK's property, which is next to his Hubcap location on 19th Street. He adds that Hubcap is debt-free, which gives him the freedom to pursue the project now. "It's all my money," he says.  

The concept would have brought together two of Houston's foremost meat masters, but permitting issues and other delays pushed back CK's. In the meantime, Killen opened a barbecue joint that's been one of 2014's hottest newcomers, and Craig is set to open Hubcap's third location in Kemah as soon as next week.  

Craig declined to reveal too many of his plans for the new concept, although he did tweet that he's considering New Orleans-style cocktails, a patio and sandwiches like muffulettas and po-boys.  Asked about whether he plans to bring back his celebrated pasta sauce from his parents' former restaurant Craiganale's Italian Deli Cafe, he responds affirmatively. "The pasta sauce and meatballs are already on the menu, (along with) oxtails and pork neck bones. But that's on the weekly dinner specials." 

Craig has a space, a menu and the money to make it happen. Whatever it's called, sounds like this new restaurant is definitely happening.

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